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Our mission at Kiddie Konnection is to provide a safe and loving environment where your child can learn while active in play. We offer a place that is essential for growth and development - but we also strive to offer a home-away-from-home atmosphere.


Kiddie Konnection offers all year service for children six weeks old to pre-kindergarten:

o infants -- 6 weeks to 18 months

o toddlers -- 18 months to 2-3 year old

o threes -- two + half years to 4 years

o pre-kindergarten -- 4 years to 5 years

The age of your child along with the available space and staff-to-child ratios that are required by State Licensing Authorities will determine to which group your child will be assigned. Children transition to a new room according to licensing regulations as well as their ability to adjust + enrollment needs.


Kiddie Konnection has never been closed due to inclement weather.

Kiddie Konnection is closed on the following holidays:

- New Years Day

- Memorial Day

- Independence Day

- Labor Day

- Thanksgiving Day + the day after

- Christmas Day + the day after


Field trips will be scheduled throughout the year for children ages 3-5.

Examples of field trips include:

- parks

- libraries

- pumpkin patch/apple orchard

- fire station

- zoo

- grocery stores

You will be notified 24 hours in advance to a trip. In the event of a field trip - additional staff and also parent volunteers will accompany the children. We encourage you to join your child on these special days!


For current rates - please contact the center at 319-354-6454.


We assure you that Kiddie Konnection is a place where love is given freely and unconditionally. You will soon be placing your precious gift in our hands - and we can guarantee our staff will offer your child the utmost care they deserve!

All Kiddie Konnection staff members are required to receive the following training:

o CPR and First Aid

o Mandatory reporting of child abuse

o Universal Precautions and Infectious Disease Control

o contact training

o staff orientation - includes: center policies | emergency plans | finger printing | criminal record checks | child abuse training

o upon employment - all staff members will be provided with a staff/parent handbook and will need to sign a statement indicating they have read each handbook and are familiar with the contents of each.

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